Alternatively, you can view extracts specifically relevant to your electrical supplies below:


The supply and installation of all mains electrical cabling, up to but excluding the Exhibitor’s main isolator or Cee Form connector in each Chalet, outside area or island stand, must be carried out by the official electrical supplier. A main supply will be provided by the official electrical supplier RME Services Ltd, terminating with a Cee Form connector of suitable rating for connection into the Exhibitors installation up to 125 Amps, for larger supplies provision by the exhibitor should be made to accept a steel wire armoured cable. The Exhibitor should therefore make allowance for this connection within their installation. The Exhibitor must provide a main isolator at the origin of their installation to comply with Regulations BS7671 2018. Cee Form to fly lead adapters will be available at an additional charge from the official electrical contractor on Site.

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The general overhead lighting throughout the Exhibition halls will be provided by the Organiser to an average level of 100LUX. The positioning of these lights will be generally in accordance with the walkways below. Should a stand be of such a height that a glare or significant proximity safety risk occur, then the Organiser, through the official electrical supplier, will remove or relocate the fitting at their discretion. The lighting level on the top tier of a double decker stand is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and not the organiser. The lighting for the halls is installed prior to the occupancy of the hall. Should a stand or exhibit interfere with the house lighting, it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to notify the Organiser or the official electrical contractor RME Services Ltd immediately on discovery in writing.



In all cases, Exhibitors should complete the relevant order form through the Exhibitor’s E-Net account by the due date to avoid any additional costs. Drawings must also be sent with the following information a) location of mains position, b) dimensions, c) orientation, d) positions of any additional under floor works you wish to be carried out by the official electrical supplier at an additional cost. To guarantee availability, this form must be returned at the very latest by the closing date shown thereon, failure to do so may result in additional charges being applied.

Any alterations to an Exhibitor’s electrical power requirements, after form submission, may be chargeable as an additional electrical supply in accordance with the relative form schedule of costs. Alterations cannot be guaranteed. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure power requirements are requested accurately.

Additional charges may be applied by the official electrical supplier for alterations to supply locations on site following the form submittal closing date, or should a power layout drawing not be supplied with the order.Exhibitors should ensure a receipt is obtained from the official electrical supplier to confirm their order has been placed. Orders are not confirmed until payment has been received in full.



An Exhibitor may use an alternative electrical contractor (subject to Regulation D6 and D7) for works beyond the incoming supply isolator or C Form supply connector should they so wish. A main isolator for compliance with BS7671 2018 must be provided by the Exhibitor’s contractor. All electrical contractors must be suitably qualified to carry out the electrical installation in accordance with the 18th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations with current amendments, otherwise known as BS 7671: 2018 – Regulations for Electrical Installations. To comply with these Regulations, all supplies are protected by residual current devices (RCD) by the Organiser.

It should be noted that these devices are not necessarily rated to 30mA and therefore may be a higher rating.

Each Exhibitor should ensure therefore that they provide additional RCD protection within their installation for general socket outlets to 30mA. This will also aid discrimination and reduce nuisance tripping which will involve the main electrical supplier resetting the supply. All installations where required under those Regulations, should be RCD protected. Prior to any electrical installation being energised, a signed electrical test certificate must be provided to the official electrical supplier upon completion by the person requesting the installation to be energised. Proof of electrical qualifications of the signer may be requested and should therefore be available.

No installation will be energised without a test certificate being provided. Any electrical contractors must be competent and qualified in their fields and be able to provide proof of qualifications where necessary. A request to energise a supply must be made in person at the official electrical contractor’s Site office at the end of Hall 2 by the installation electrical contractor. You will be required to provide a completed “Exhibitor Request For Energising Of Supply” form that will have been provided to you on Site by RME Services Ltd. Full payment is required with order and therefore anyone who cannot provide proof of payment will not be switched on.



Any installation carried out in a structure that is not a main hall must consist of a main earth bonding conductor from the electrical distribution board to the structure itself in accordance with the 18th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations with current amendments, otherwise known as BS 7671: 2018 – Regulations for Electrical Installations. All mains water supplies must be bonded in accordance with Regulation C9.2.

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