Alternatively, you can view extracts specifically relevant to your electrical supplies below:


A temporary 16amp 230volt 50Hz 30mA RCD protected electrical supply will be provided to each chalet unit in ZONE C only, for the build period only. For self-build stands in the Exhibition Halls temporary supplies will be available in a limited number of locations around the Exhibition Halls for battery charging, trailing leads will not be permitted. If self-build stands require power on the stand during build up, separate build-up power supplies must be ordered directly with the official electrical supplier.

All temporary build up supplies, in all areas of the show Site during the build-up period will be switched off and disconnected for health and safety reasons 16-24 hrs prior to the show opening. Any Exhibitor requiring an electrical supply during the dismantling period should contact the official electrical contractor directly in good time, this is available at an additional cost.

Any transgression of these Regulations and those contained in the Health and Safety Rules will lead to immediate disconnection of the power supply. For temporary air conditioning supplies, please refer to C14.

It is not permitted to disconnect and strip out electrical wiring and services until the show is closed on the last day as this may affect neighbouring installations due to the presence of RCD devices. Charges may be imposed to any Exhibitor who ignores this direction to reinstate the power to others affected.

Care should be taken to ensure a contractor/exhibitor does not connect any equipment to the temporary build up supplies as these will be switched off prior to and during the show.

It is not permitted to connect into the Organiser house electricity supplies to obtain power for the build-up or dismantling of exhibits. Any contractor working on behalf of an Exhibitor found connected into such services illegally will be charged for the attendance and rectification works required as a result of their activities.

Ultimate responsibility for payment of such costs remains with the Exhibitor.



The standard supplies available in the exhibition halls and chalets are as follows:

Please note that the nominal voltages will be subject to a tolerance of ± 10%.

240v 50Hz 16amp single phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
240v 50Hz 16amp 24hr single phase in halls Hall only
240v 50Hz 20amp single phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
240v 50Hz 32amp single phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
240v 50Hz 63amp single phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
415v 50Hz 16amp three phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
415v 50Hz 20amp three phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
415v 50Hz 32amp three phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
415v 50Hz 40amp three phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
415v 50Hz 50amp three phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
415v 50Hz 63amp three phase and neutral Hall & Chalets
415v 50Hz 125amp three phase and neutral Chalets & Outside areas only

Should you require an electrical supply in a location not listed as standard above, please contact the official electrical supplier, RME Services Ltd directly to obtain availability and a quotation.

Any Air conditioning supplies that are required be ordered separately to any standard mains supply as an additional service in accordance with Regulation D5.

Alternative single or three phase supplies may be available, dependant on location and load requirements.

Please contact the official electrical supplier, at an early stage, for a quotation. It is important to ensure a suitable capacity supply is ordered. Demand in excess of the agreed load will not be permitted, as loadings for the show are designed to strict criteria. Any Exhibitor exceeding the load ordered will be automatically switched off.

Supplies outside the halls and chalet areas are not always available from the main electricity supply system and therefore may be generated, in which case, the official electrical contractor should be contacted to provide a quotation. Any supply connected to the generator must comply with the Regulations and will be subject to visual inspection by the official electrical supplier. It is not permitted to bury any cabling without prior written authorisation from the Organiser. Any buried cabling must be steel wire armoured cable and protected by an RCD.

The 240 volt network for the Exhibition Site, covering outside areas and chalets, will be switched on at 0830hrs on Monday 18 July and switched off again at 1930hrs after the Exhibition closes on Friday 22 July. Supplies to halls and stands will be switched on for the period 0700hrs to 1900hrs daily during the Exhibition. Any exhibitor requiring 24 Hour power should place and order to accommodate their requirements.

Please note that all official electrical supplies consist of HO7, PVC/PVC or Steel Wired Armoured cabling (SWA) including RCD and overcurrent protection at source, and the Exhibitor should make provision for their own distribution system, including an isolator to connect to this cabling. Final connections should be available for inspection by the official electrical contractor. Should any doubt as to the colour coding of cabling, in relation to phase colours be raised, the official electrical contractor should be contacted for advice. Any faults occurring through the incorrect or miss-connection of supplies, will not render the official supplier liable. Any Exhibitor’s equipment connected by their contractor to an electrical supply or generator provided by the organiser or official electrical supplier is done without risk to the Organiser and its official supplier. The Exhibitor’s main distribution and subsequent equipment should be selected as such, that should any loss of phase, neutral or earth conductors occur, the effect on any of the equipment connected will be negligible and the organiser and its official supplier accepts no liability for this.

The Exhibitor should make provision for their own final check that the correct electrical mains supply has been provided in accordance with their order and confirm that all phasing and voltages are correct prior to connecting or energising their own equipment. The official electrical contractor accepts no liability for damaged or faulty equipment connected to the system.

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