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All electrical installations must conform to the 18th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations with current amendments, otherwise known as BS 7671: 2018 – Regulations for Electrical Installations, or equivalent harmonised standard. Any cabling used must additionally be BASEC certified. All electrical accessories used must comply with relevant British Standard Specification and standards. Any non-compliant equipment found to be installed via routine inspection will be isolated pending replacement. It is the Exhibitors responsibility to ensure that equipment complies. The Organiser and official electrical contractor will not be held liable for any costs relating to the removal and replacement of such equipment and any knock on impact on the installation surrounding them.

You must permit the official electrical contractor unrestricted access to inspect your electrical installation during the build-up, show week and the breakdown as a condition of order. You may ask for an RME Manager to carry out observations should you wish, please contact RME Services Ltd.’s Site offices on Site for assistance.

The Organiser or the official electrical supplier will have the right to refuse connection or isolate any installation that is not installed to the required standard or Regulations or becomes unsafe after it is energised. The installation must be electrically tested and a certificate must be available on Site prior to the installed system being energised or re- energised.

Please note that all power supplies will be protected by an RCD device by the Organiser which may be rated in excess of 30mA. Each Exhibitor should ensure therefore that they provide additional RCD protection within their installation for general socket outlets to 30mA, this will also aid discrimination and reduce nuisance tripping which will involve the official electrical supplier resetting the supply. All portable equipment should be tested prior to arrival on Site to ensure safety and avoid nuisance tripping of the RCD device.

Any electrical installation that may be exposed to the weather must be suitably IP rated to prevent water ingress and all accessories used to complete the installation must be suitable for the conditions they are applied to.

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