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D5 – Air Conditioning

All air conditioning installations to the chalets including ‘stand-alone’ portable units require a separate electrical supply which must be requested from the official electrical contractor by the Exhibitor or the Official Air Conditioning contractor. The Exhibitor or official air conditioning contractor will be responsible for the payment of all charges to provide the required electrical supply. The electrical supplies for air conditioning systems to the Chalets will be provided by generators independent of other Site supplies and will be subject to restricted running hours (See Regulation C15).
The fitting of ‘stand-alone’ air conditioning units utilising power from the chalet domestic ring main system is strictly prohibited. The generated supplies for air conditioning will be operational from 0700hrs to 1900hrs on a daily basis from the 13 July until 22 July 2018 inclusive. The generators will remain running on 22nd July 2018 until 2200hrs to enable air conditioning units to be degassed in line with environmental Regulations. Contractors/ Exhibitors who require a supply prior to the 13th July should contact the official electrical contractor to arrange an earlier connection date to the generator supply. All additional costs for this service will be charged to the Exhibitor/contractor accordingly. Such charges are to be paid prior to switching on the supply.
The official electrical contractor will not be held responsible for any losses should the Exhibitor’s Contractor connect any equipment other than air conditioning to the generated supply.
The testing and commissioning of any air conditioning prior to the go live date in Regulation C10 will be available from the Site generators. Those contractors who require a supply prior to the above period for testing and commissioning purposes should contact the official electrical contractor who will provide a quotation for the additional time period required and arrange the temporary supply accordingly. A temporary commissioning supply and connection from the permanent network is available at an additional cost for commissioning purposes should it be required. Any Exhibitor’s equipment connected to a temporary electrical supply or generator provided by the Organiser or official electrical contractor is done so without risk to the Organiser and its contractors. The Exhibitor’s main distribution and subsequent equipment should
be selected as such that should any loss of phase, neutral or earth conductors occur, the effect on any of the equipment connected will be negligible. The Exhibitor should make provision for their own final check that the correct temporary electrical mains supply has been provided in accordance with their request and confirm that all phasing and voltages are correct prior to energising their own equipment. The official electrical contractor accepts no liability for damaged or faulty equipment connected to the system.
The installation of air conditioning units to meeting rooms or other internal areas on Exhibition stands which result in the discharge of hot air into the Exhibition halls are not permitted. However, if Exhibitors wish to comfort cool these areas they must provide designs and installations that avoid the discharge of hot air into the internal hall area. All proposed systems must be approved by the Organiser prior to installation.

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