Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Here we hope to answer any questions that you may have regarding your electrical needs at the Farnborough Airshow.

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How do I order electrical supplies for the Farnborough Airshow?

For electrical supplies across the site, including all Halls, outside exhibits and the Public area, ordering for electrical mains supplies for the Farnborough Airshow is carried out through the RME Customer portal. You are also able to request a quotation for additional services and work that you may require via the portal, including supplies to outside exhibits.

Once your order is placed and after a quick approval process you will be notified to pay and complete your order. Please note that payment is due on approval.

Why is there a surcharge if I order my electrical supply after the deadline?

Orders placed after the deadline are subject to a surcharge. There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, an immense amount of design work has to be carried out prior to the installation of the cabling infrastructure onsite. All of the ordered supplies and sizes are calculated, designed and installed as a complete package.
Secondly, the chalets and halls in particular are fitted with a suspended floor – the installation of which is programmed in at the start of the show build-up in March. In order to install the cabling, it must be carried out prior to the flooring being installed.

Any orders that arrive after these processes are extremely difficult to install, if not impossible. In some cases when a supply has not been ordered, to ensure an exhibitor is not left without any power at all the organisers will select a supply.

I have booked a Shell Scheme stand, what electricity do I get as part of my package?

The erecting contractors for the Shell scheme stands provide the stands complete with the electrics incorporated. Additional socket outlets and lighting may be ordered directly with Showlite. Should you require additional power supplies over 3KW (13 Amps), then please contact RME directly.

Does the lighting and power stay on all the time?

It all depends on where you are. Please see below:

Halls – The lighting in the halls is switched to a lower level during the course of the night and the power to all areas switched off completely for safety reasons. Only those exhibitors who have purchased a 24 hour supply will have any power overnight. You can order a 24 Hour supply on the the E-Net system or by visiting our site office during the show.

Chalets – The power and lighting is left on 24 Hrs, please note power to air conditioning supplies is turned off overnight.

Why do I need to order a separate Air Conditioning supply?

The electrical infrastructure at Farnborough, although extensive, does have its limits. As the show is in July it is impossible to predict the temperatures expected each year and, in turn, the level of air conditioning the exhibitors will require. Due to some problems experienced in previous years, Farnborough’s organisers have stipulated that any air conditioning may only be served from a generated supply. The only way of ensuring this is to install a separate supply to those exhibitors who require air conditioning. Please note if you are found to be using the mains power to run your air conditioning supply, additional charges may be incurred over and above the purchase of an additional supply. Please do not be tempted to run your air conditioning from a non-air conditioning supply – as part of the installation process we will need to inspect your installation.

We require some additional electrical work to our stand or chalet, can RME help?

RME are able to provide quotations for all electrical works at Farnborough. We have a dedicated team on site from March through to August so we are on hand to carry out any pre-booked installation work. For your own peace of mind, any installation work that RME carry out directly for a client will be looked after by our dedicated on site team throughout the build-up and show itself a valuable advantage when utilising RME’s services. Please contact us via email at fi@rmeservices.com for a quotation.

Our stand or chalet has been wired by another contractor. Who do I turn to if I have a problem at the time of the show?

You should ensure that the contractor who carried out your work is on hand to rectify any problems for you. RME will be onsite for our customers and Farnborough’s organisers directly. We may be able to assist you on the day however we are unable to guarantee we will be available as our customers must come first.

We do, however, offer an opt-in maintenance service to provide specialist assistance during the show to rectify any faults that may occur on a stand or chalet for an extra charge. This service covers fault finding and resetting of equipment installed and signed off prior to the show, as well as replacement of lamps that may fail. Any parts required or excessive time needed due to poor workmanship would be chargeable separately.

Access to this priority service is restricted, a dedicated telephone number is provided to the exhibitor once enrolled and we aim to attend within 15 minutes.

Please visit our online shop for more information.

What will be provided at the exhibitor end of the electrical power supply on a stand, chalet or OE area?

Up to 125amp supplies:
You will be provided with a cable terminated to a Cee form socket. You will require a Cee form plug to connect to your equipment which we will stock in our onsite shop for purchase.

Over 125 amp supplies:
You will be provided with a Steel Wired Armoured (SWA) cable (bare ends). We will not provide glands, Cee Form sockets or isolators. These should be provided by your fit out contractor. RME are able to provide this service at an additional cost. Please contact us for a quotation.

What happens if I need to cancel my order?

Cancelling an order that has been paid for:
Due to the intense planning required and the early allocation of resources for this large event, the installation of cabling and accessories commences in early April. It is therefore likely that, should a cancellation request be received from an exhibitor or contractor, then the works to install the supply requested may already have been completed. Given enough warning, a partial refund may be possible depending on the extent of the works already carried out. Each case will be looked into on an individual bases however guidelines are below:

Cancellation in writing  received by RME prior to end of April          90% refund

Cancellation in writing received by RME prior to end of May            75% refund

Cancellation in writing received by RME prior to end of June           10% refund

Cancellation in writing received by RME after the end of June         No refund

Any upgrades, downgrades or changes in supply requirements will be costed accordingly.

Please contact us directly as soon as possible for assistance. All cancellations must be sent in writing (email to fi@rmeservices.com) and receipt of acknowledgement received back from RME.

Is there power available for the build up and breakdown for small tools and charging?

This is dependent on where you are exhibiting on site, below is a list of answers specific to your area:

Halls – Introduced as a change in 2022, there will be no build up power supplied as standard to the self build stands, this is of particular importance as in the past there have been supplies provided by the organiser.  There will be strategic power charging points dotted around the hall where you may leave your small tool batteries to charge however, extension leads are not permitted to be run from these locations to stands and items are left charging at your own risk. If you wish to purchase a dedicated build up or breakdown supply then please contact us or order it on our portal providing the dates you require it available.

Chalets – As a change in 2024, temporary power is no longer provided by the organisers free of charge. If you are booked to exhibit in Chalet rows A, B, C, D, or P row and require power to build your exhibit, then you will need to order a build up or breakdown supply. These supplies are a 16 Amp 240 Volt supply, terminated in a splash proof CEE form connector and are provided on the end of a blue flexible cable. Sometimes they are stored below the chalet until you arrive. Please contact our site office at the end of Hall 2 to have your power energised.

OE areas and other Chalet lines –  Due to the fact that these areas are often supplied by generator or on the extremities of the main exhibition areas, no build up power is provided as standard. Please contact us for a quotation or information on the availability of build up and breakdown power.

Breakdown power is not provided as standard in any location, please contact us for availability and costs.

Larger temporary supplies
If you require a larger size supply, please contact us for a quotation.

All supplies are turned off prior to the Airshow live days.

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